Small Business PC Backup Software – Option or Necessity

Failing in small business often requires little more than performing an important function poorly. For example, failing to protect a critical prospect or client database, or accounting records from loss could very well result in days of downtime, distraction and significant loss. On the other hand, succeeding in business requires crisp execution and successfully managing and mitigating risk. In today’s digital world, one specific area of risk for small businesses, SOHO and startups is related to business data and the systems and procedures used to protect that data. Small business is particularly vulnerable to this risk since many do not have an IT staff, systems or understanding of the importance of a backup regimen, system and plan.

Your business may be technologically advanced, such as an independent architectural consultant, or relatively straight-forward, such as small landscaping company. And your computer may simply serve as a tool, so your idea of managing data risk may be copying a small number of files from your laptop to the desktop computer in your office. This backup strategy offers a modest amount of risk mitigation. Expanding on the idea of data risk management as it relates to comprehensive data protections is fundamental to the smooth operation of any small business.

With current trends toward paperless records and transactions and green initiatives to reduce paper usage, the value of your digital files becomes even greater. The need for comprehensive backup is accentuated with the corresponding reduction of paper records. Microsoft Outlook PST files can become substantial in size after only a year or two of use. In some cases, these files can be 5GB, 10GB or more, and can become unstable predicated upon the hardware and operating system your specific operation has selected. It’s important to keep these types of records, and other business records protected. Let’s review some important areas to consider as you evaluate and implement your small business backup software and systems.

Hard disk drives are mechanical devices that are susceptible to problems. The spinning discs and moving read/write heads occasionally exhibit problems at the microscopic level, and they sometimes even stop spinning altogether. This is in addition to the electronic components inside the computer that are subject to harm, especially from liquids such as coffee.

A less common threat exists within otherwise beneficial operations such as software updates. Take, for example, the Windows Update feature that can download and install an update to the operating system. In a small number of cases, a Windows update prevented computers from booting after the automatic restart. A similar experience was seen when a popular antivirus application applied an automatic update and caused problems for thousands of Windows computers.

Additional forms of data risk reside outside the computer. Sometimes referred to in technical circles as PICNIC (Problem In Chair Not In Computer), it is only appropriate to call it human error. Save a file without changing the name, accidentally delete a file or folder, or even drag a file to a mystery folder and you have performed an unintended operation that steals time. With backup copies readily available, getting back a previous file copy is efficient and saves time. And the adage that time is money is seldom more apparent than in a small business. The bottom line is that small business backup safeguards the data that small businesses depend on most.

Your small business, SOHO, or startup operation should ensure that your data (actually your entire hard drive) is backed up on a daily basis, with a backup plan in place to ensure you can quickly and easily move your data to another PC in the event of hardware failure, virus, theft, human error or any of the myriad of misfortunes which can adversely impact your PC or laptop. Small businesses should think through their backup and restore processes and procedures to mitigate data loss risk. It’s easy to delay, postpone or even ignore this process. And there will be no regrets, until it is too late to recover data which may be critical to your ongoing operation. As your operation migrates to a paperless business, a comprehensive data back plan is no longer an option, it is a necessity.

At Rebit, [], Dennis and two co-founders created something referred to as “ridiculously simple backup”. Rebit products are ideal for small business, relieving the burden of backup for IT providers and PC users. The Rebit SaveMe product is the only backup and recovery solution that starts working the minute it is installed, keeping PCs continuously protected from crashes, viruses or accidental file deletions. All Rebit products are continuous, complete, and easy to use. There are no buttons, no schedules, and no configurations. In the event of a catastrophe, one can easily and quickly recover individual files, entire folders, or restore the complete system to a point in time.

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