UK Site Promotes Lifestyle Sustainability

In time for the holiday consumer spending rush, a green-living faction in the United Kingdom has launched a website dedicated to sustainable and self-sufficient living and lifestyle choices. The irony is not lost on key detractors of the site, who have commented that a “sustainable Christmas” is oxymoronic at best and utterly tasteless at worst.

Located at, the new website seeks to provide resources and helpful tips to users interested in making key lifestyle choices that will help them lead a financially, environmentally and emotionally more sustainable existence. lays out a “step-by-step” plan to achieve a sustainable lifestyle, using interactive, easy-to-use site features to encourage users with time constraints and limited financial resources to adopt a healthier lifestyle. In addition to the main site, Sustainable Living executives have negotiated the web hosting of a social media profile, a regular mailing list, and a Twitter account to spread the word.

The web editor and mastermind behind the new site, Lucy Debenham, commented on the launch by saying “in reality, living an entirely self-sufficient lifestyle is a massive challenge that requires complete dedication. Part-time self-sufficiency is a much more convenient way to begin taking the necessary steps that enable people to start on the road to self sufficiency.” Bringing the idea of sustainability into an easily digestible online package makes the idea at once more appealing and immediately realizable.

Giving everyday people the tools to make gradual life changes, much as has done, is a trend broadly suited to the internet. Numerous green energy and lifestyle companies, such as GreenPeace and VIASPACE, have already used the webhosting of key resources to generate interest, create a following and turn people on to alternative energy solutions and more environmentally conscious lifestyles.

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